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Churro World co. universe

The story of Churro World Co. is an exciting journey that began with a unique vision and the desire to blend tradition with innovation. Founded as a family business, every churro we serve tells a story of dedication and creativity.

From the brave act of entrepreneurship to establishing ourselves as a store chain, Churro World Co. has maintained its steadfast commitment to quality and authenticity. We are proud to have elevated the classic Argentine churros to new heights. Blending them with the richness of American gastronomy.

Our story is one of passionate entrepreneurs who have turned a dream into a sweet and successful reality. Today, every happy customer is a reminder of our journey and the joy we share with our franchisees in every corner of our growing family.

With over 10 active branches and 3 in the process of opening, Churro World Co. extends across Miami, Orlando and Buenos Aires, bringing our unique fusion of flavors to new places.

Want to be part of ChurroWorld Co.?

At Churro World Co., we believe that the growth of our store chain is based on the individual success of each franchisee. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive system focused on closely collaborating with each franchisee to achieve their goals. This approach encompasses everything from selecting the point of sale to negotiating with suppliers, ensuring full support in:

Shopping centers

Central store

Food truck


Strategic choice of sales location.


Careful selection of staff.


Effective training processes.


Advertising, marketing and promotional support strategies.


Proactive management in negotiations with suppliers.


With careful selection, our branches are strategically chosen in collaboration with each franchisee. This includes precise location selection and, especially, the franchisee in charge, thus ensuring the highest likelihood of success at each point of sale.

Discover current sales points:


At Churro World Co., we not only offer delicious products but also an exceptional entrepreneurial opportunity.

Our proposal is based on quality, authenticity and attention to every detail. Join us and discover how Churro World Co. not only offers irresistible delights but also a unique opportunity for those seeking a successful business.

Explore the delicious world of churros with Churro World Co.


USD 150.000 minimum.


Waiters | Food truck.

Investor Profile

Waiters with seating.

Local dimensions

from 65 m2.

Operation model

Waiters with seating.

Peak hour staff

Waiters with seating.

Our products

Our product offering is currently versatile, covering all schedules and adapting to various climates and countries. We maintain high standards of quality in both our products and customer service, positioning us as a highly competitive brand in every corner of the world.



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